At EuroSweet our services are based on innovation, value and trust. Collaborating with our customers we create tailor-made liquid sweeteners accomodating their specific applications. 

Our solutions encompass a rich selection of natural sweeteners that not only enhance taste, but improve handling, avoid dust and minimise product smell.

Eurosweet expert food engineers deliver full application support throughout the product life-cycle, allowing our customers to benefit from our extensive sweetening knowledge and state-of-the-art production facilities.


Our services include


Disolving dry raw materials (sugars, sugar substitutes and other sweeteners)


Mixing various sugars and sugar substitutes, diluting and adding of caramel colours


Converting sucrose into a liquid product containing sucrose, glucose and fructose


Tank Truck to IBC Service
Accomodating different order volume sizes, Eurosweet provides a valuable service in providing customer products in IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers)

New liquefying technology

Improves dry goods handling

Avoids dust in the manufacturing facility

Minimizes product smell