Light sugars product overview


Crystalline or liquid fructose with 70 to 80% dry substance

Inverted sugar syrup

Inverted sugar syrup with inversion degree 66 to 90% and dry substance 72.7%


Crystalline or liquid sucrose with 66.5% dry substance


Crystalline or liquid dextrose with 70 to 75% dry substance


Crystalline or liquid sorbitol with 70% dry substance

Glucose syrup

Large portfolio with dry substance 70 to 80%


Various products manufactured from sucrose and glucose/fructose syrup

Dark sugars product overview

Baking syrup

Blends for the baking industry with 70 to 80% dry substance and up to 10.000 ICUMSA

Brewing syrup

Blends for baked products with 70 to 80% dry substance and 250 to 1.800 EBC

Dark sugar syrup

Sugar blends/glucose and caramellised sugar

Caramellised sugar

60 to 65% dry substance to approximately 14.000 EBC

Speciality products overview


Burnt sugar (E 150 A), E 150 C, E 150 D

Malt extracts

Liquid specialty malts

Citric acid

Crystalline or liquid citric acid with 46 to 65% dry substance

Specialty blends

Many products containing liquid sugars and sweeteners