About Us

Eurosweet was founded in 2004 and quickly carved out a prominent market position as a trusted provider of quality liquid blends for food and beverage manufacturers.

The company is part of Galam Group, a leading global producer and supplier of high quality, specialty ingredients to the food and non-food industries.

Our extensive liquid sugar portfolio delivers key convenience, cost and QA advantages. Starting from raw material handling and continuing throughout the production process, Eurosweet liquid sugars bring added value to our customers’ products. Eurosweet has a central Bottrop location and convenient logistical access in the heart of the "Ruhrgebiet". This makes us an ideal partner for the supply of sugars to food and beverage manufacturers situated in western and central Europe, and beyond. Trusted suppliers of liquid mono-products such as sucrose, fructose and inverted sugar, we also specialize in the manufacture of tailor-made blends for the pharmaceutical industry, breweries, bakeries and many other segments of the food industry in Germany and Europe.

New liquefying technology

Improves dry goods handling

Avoids dust in the manufacturing facility

Minimizes product smell

Our Management Team